Monday, September 2, 2013

How acid reflux can worsen your asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung condition characterized by difficulty breathing , wheezing , and mucus accumulation
People with asthma are sensitive to drafts and hyper-reactive to allergens. During an asthma attack , the airways become irritated and react by reducing the diameter of the bronchial tubes , causing resistance to airflow , and obstructing the flow of airways to the lungs.
Some research indicates that the symptoms of asthma may get worse when you have heartburn or suffer from acid reflux .
Gastric reflux occurs when the undigested contents of the stomach back into your esophagus . Acid reflux can be relieved with natural remedies that address the causes of gastro-esophageal reflux.
In some studies, the researchers injected the acid into the esophagus of people with asthma, and it has had a significant impact on their asthma and increased their asthma symptoms .
These studies suggest that people with asthma suffer from acid reflux more often than others. This is probably due to the large pressure changes in the chest during breathing . These pressures could force the liquid in the wrong direction of the esophagus (gastric ascent) .
Asthmatics seem to lose twice : they suffer from asthma and they may suffer from acid reflux more often than non- asthmatics.
However, if gastric reflux were really an important factor in aggravation of asthma, then treatments against acid reflux should improve asthma, however, is generally not the case .
Meanwhile, if you have asthma and you also have acid reflux , it is certain that the decrease your acid reflux will help you breathe better .
Using a doctor who uses natural methods to treat acid reflux is the best way forward. The use of drugs to eliminate acid reflux when you are already taking medication for asthma raises issues of long-term health . It is best to use natural remedies and food rules adapted to eliminate the syndrome , gastro-esophageal reflux.

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